Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm sitting here. My eyes are stinging from the tears. I was encouraged tonight (by my sister) to "let it all out tonight". She told me not to let the pain of my Dad not being here take away from the joyous occation of my birthday tomorrow. So, I took her advice to heart... but as I'm processing through the thoughts of how life has been changed so dramtically in recent weeks, I can't help but feel the PUSH... the urge .... to GET ON WITH IT!! There's a shifting.

So here's a short version, ( well I will try for a short version but no promises) 32 yrs ago on April 28th, I was born. You see even while in the womb, I was loved with the love that is decribed in the Bible. The kind of love where God gives up His only Son in order for us to receive the gift eternal life. The kind of love where someone lays their life down for someone else. All of us are loved with this kind of love, but for me, somehow I've always felt in my heart, there was an extra bit of love that was sent my way somehow.

I was given up for adoption. She loved me enough to give me up. She had a dream for me and trusted me into the hands of the ONE who named the stars.....

fast forward years later.....( see there's my attempt at a short version LOL! )

My Dad would always encourage me to " go for it!". He was truly my biggest fan and gave me the best pep talks.. no, they were more than pep talks... he spoke TRUTH into my soul. When I needed to be reminded of the fact that I am loved with an everlasting love- he would have the perfect words. Oh goodness- I miss him. I've gone an entire month without hearing his voice... there's an ache I can't find words to describe. What I would give to hear his voice again.

He would want me to move on... So how do I "get on with it"...

- I need to remind myself of the dreams that are in my heart. To love my Heavenly Father and breathe every breath to bring joy to His heart. To love my husband & family, to sing of His goodness and speak of His grace in my life and family. To keep working on the book I'm writing. To write out the melodies that are bouncing around in my head. To worship Him with abandon!

- I need to revisit my priorities again...make sure that my time is being spent on the things that I claim to be most important to me.

- I need to accept the baton that is being passed. I can feel it and I shouldn't deny it. There are things to be done for kingdom purposes and if I don't get on it, someone else will. There are things that my Dad started that need to be continued.

-I need to embrace the shifting that happening in my heart, in my family and in my home right now. Shifting is good for us, but it's not always enjoyable.

- I need to keep it real. I'm hurting but I know my Healer. I'm feeling weak and dry- but I have RIVERS of living waters --they are mine! The GREAT I AM is mine! He is All I need.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Adoption Journey

The Del Pozo’s Adoption Journey

The Del Pozo’s story of adoption begins with their involvement with Royal Family Kids Camp. Every summer, for the last 7 years, Oscar had booked 1 week vacation time to go and spend a week at camp with our church’s volunteers. 3 years ago, Rebecca went to a birthday party event at the camp and witnessed the most amazing thing. It was like she had stepped through a warp zone and she was felt the tangible presence of God like never before. While she was helping with the jumpy bounce house, all of a sudden it hit her, as she looked at the little campers jumping and laughing- she realized something very hurtful had to happen to these kids to qualify for this kind of camp. Her heart sank. She prayed: “God I don't even know what I could do to help these kids. The inner dialogue went on between them the rest of the evening. God said- You sing! So come and sing to these kids!” Rebecca thought that was a great idea and explained that she didn’t feel right leaving her own young kids for a week and go take care of other kids- so maybe someday God, when the timing is right she thought. The rest of the evening was incredible. The kids were like sponges, just soaking up every drop of positive attention and love their little hearts could hold. Within a few weeks of that night, Rebecca’s mom called and offered to come watch the kids for an extended visit if it was needed... a sign from God! Rebecca has been blessed with the privilege to lead the camp worship with these kids for 3 years now and it's been such a life changing experience for both her and Oscar.

Oscar and Rebecca went to RFKC this year and it was very different than ever before. It was so powerful to watch Oscar as he has such a way with kids. Rebecca recognized return campers and one little girl in particular- Trysha. As the week went on, Rebecca enjoyed leading songs and Trysha was always in the front row singing along with such enthusiasm. They loved having lunches together and Trysha’s questions were so different than the other campers. She was so inquisitive. How many kids do you have she asked. Have you ever been to Hawaii? How long have you been married? Rebecca felt a special connection with her and the most memorable moment was during the Kids Talent Show. Trysha decided to sing a solo and got all dolled up. At the last minute, her nerves got the best of her and she asked if Rebecca would be her back ground vocalist.

They were unaware that throughout the week, Oscar was having great moments with Trysha as well. When they got back from camp, they found out that Trysha was being moved from another home yet again. As they said goodbye, Trysha gave Rebecca a huge goodbye hug and squeezed her tight and looked up at her with her big brown eyes and said “I love you”. Rebecca’s heart melted and as she walked away, Rebecca remembered thinking “I can’t imagine not seeing her again”. Rebecca cried to her mom– “Trysha is deserving of unconditional love too, no different than if I got pregnant and gave birth to a little baby of our own”. After talking it out with Oscar, they found out that he was feeling the same way about a particular camper as well… and it was Trysha! They felt a strong urge to find out if she was okay. Many children go home with family members or good foster home situations that will lead to permanent adoption placement… but they needed to know Trysha was okay. Through a series of attempts, they found out she was legally free and looking for a permanent family to love and care for her.

So their journey of the adoption process began. They completed the home study visits, references, autobiographies, medical tests, back ground checks, fingerprints and so on. They told Antonio and Bella about the possibility and they were very open and receptive to the idea. The more they did, the more they wondered how Trysha was and what it would be like to love her the way they were feeling they could. After an important meeting, it was as if they could feel their hearts stretching. In order to have the ability to love another human being, they would need to surrender their hearts to God and trust that He would give them the love for Trysha along with the rest of their family. With each passing day, the anticipation grew and they couldn’t wait to see her again.

In October, they were able to have Trysha for visits, so they found her a cheerleader costume and Bella was Sleeping Beauty and Antonio was a Baseball player. Antonio volunteered at a station for balloon animals and Bella enjoyed the bouncy houses while Trysha quickly learned which stations gave out the most candy and kept getting back in line and ended up with a BAG full of candy by the end of the night . She’s still enjoying that bag of candy!

A special visit for them was the night Rebecca took Trysha to Target and went shopping to build a gift registry. What an enjoyable time. As a mom to Antonio and Bella.. Rebecca knows what they like and what they don't like.. but she had a lot to learn with Trysha, so it was fun to watch and see her get excited about certain colors.. certain styles. She loved the spongebob pjs. Loved the onesee style pjs with poke-a -dots. Poke-a-dot bath robe .. skinny jeans... it was so cute to watch her. As they shopped the "in between chit chat" conversations were priceless. She shared so much it was such a blessing fro Rebecca to just listen. Then the candy aisle. Beep Beep BEEP went the scanner. Jolly Ranchers, Hot Tamales....

During one weekend visit, Trysha got to meet the grandparents. Grandma Volden had made a personalized Christmas stocking to match their set for the mantle. Grandma Del Pozo bought the girls special Texas T-shirts, as she was born and raised there.

Nov 19th 2010- National Adoption Day. God has a crazy sense of humor! This is the day Trysha moved in. They applied the personalized name decals on the girls’ bedroom walls. It was official- Trysha has moved in! They went out to celebrate and had a special dinner at Tokyo Restaurant. Later that weekend the home was filled to overflowing with friends and family to throw a surprise Welcome Home Birthday party for Trysha. She was showered with love and gifts and it felt like a RFKC reunion.

Thanksgiving and Christmas was a special holiday as Trysha got to meet the rest of the family and see how The Del Pozo’s celebrate together.

The Transition:

The transition has been challenging for us all in various ways. As we learn to be a family of 5, the balance of being fair isn’t always easy. Bella and Trysha love to sing together but can have their moments of conflict. Antonio always steps in as the peacemaker. His excellent math skills have come in handy when Trysha is stumped with her homework.

Trysha is enjoying her new school, singing in the kids choir at church and enjoys basketball. One activity we have found to be very helpful in relationship building is the “Ungame”- a game where everyone takes a turn answering questions about their opinions and life experiences.

We have had family outings that left us with great memories and priceless pictures- the Christmas Spectacular in Portland, OR, Disney Magic Show, the Australian Hillsong Worship Concert and the most recent was the Irish Days festival where the kids were in the parade with Bella’s dance company and Trysha won 1st place for the Smiling Eyes Contest.

We are growing to love each other and we are committed to the process of learning how to communicate effectively. God has brought us together and we believe He will give us everything we need in order to meet the needs of each one of our children. Our dream is for a large, happy, healthy Del Pozo legacy and we are blessed to have Trysha be a part of it.

Update - April 20th 2011- Trysha’s Adoption Day Hearing

What an incredible day. We are still processing all the emotions! Judge Larkin was amazing. We had a special closed session and we packed the court house! So much so, that some of our family had to sit in the Jury Box! We swore in, under oath and before God, our family and friends we committed to love Trysha and include her as a part of our family forever.

One song we have sung at Royal Family Kids Camp for years is “ I Will Change Your Name” By DJ Butler:

I will change your name
You shall no longer be called
Wounded, outcast
Lonely or afraid

I will change your name
Your new name shall be
Confidence, joyfulness
Overcoming one
Faithfulness, friend of God
One who seeks my face.

As we signed the Adoption Decree, Trysha chose to change her name, so she is now officially: Tricia Leanne Del Pozo. She was issued a new Birth Certificate as though we gave birth to her. She belongs to us! Our prayer is that with every passing day the truth will settle her soul and she will realize how much she is loved and cherished.

~ Oscar & Rebecca Del Pozo

Details from our dear family friend and photographer Cassandra Hamilton can be read here:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 Things I've learned in the last few weeks

April 17th 2011

10 Things I’ve learned in the last few weeks

1. While your loved ones are alive, get out your video camera and have your younger family members ask questions like an interview and capture it all on camera. Things like: What is your favorite song of all time?, What season do you enjoy most and why?, What is your favorite past time/hobby?, What is your favorite meal to eat? Do you have a family member you were closest with growing up? – You can choose to go more in depth and ask things like where they were born, where they grew up, what were their most difficult challenges in life… it’s up to you to decide how in depth you want it to be. But the more memoir, the better in my opinion.

2. When you have to choose between work and a time with family- seriously weight your options. The week before my Dad passed away, I felt a prompt to reschedule my work appointment with a client so I could take my parents out to a special sandwich shop for lunch. I had been meaning to take them to for literally years. My Dad ordered his favorite treat- meatloaf sandwich. I loved watching him make a mess of it and enjoy every bite! On the drive back, I took the long way ( the most scenic route, because I know my dad loved to go for drives) I drove along Ruston Way Waterfront.

3. When you have the time, take the scenic route. Don’t jump on a highway if you don’t need to. The change of scenery triggers memories and conversations you might never have speeding down the highway.

4. Don’t take saying “good bye” for granted. Every time you leave your home, say good bye or greet someone, be present….. Be aware. Be in the moment. I cherish the last hug I got from my Dad before they left my house the day before his accident.

5. Take note of the specific smell your family members have…this is such a funny topic but it has become SO evident to me in recent months. I can clearly remember the “smells” our friends homes had growing up. I guess it depends on what they use to clean, wash, cook, eat, colognes or perfumes and their own personal ph levels… whatever it is, we all have a unique smell. For some it’s more pleasant than others. Haha. When I come home from a visit at my parents home, I smell like them. I can smell it on my clothes and in my hair. After my Dad passed away, I went into his closet and longed to smell him…. but nothing, he didn't wear cologne but then on Thursday, we went to the MCC kitchen where Dad volunteered. As we walked in, they pulled a batch of cinnamon buns out of the oven and that combined with the simmering soup on the burner, I was overwhelmed with Dad... that was his smell. Giving him a hug after work, that was my dad’s smell. Later I went through his bathroom stuff and got a whiff of Irish Spring bar soap and that coupled with head and shoulders shampoo: that was my Dad too! Similarly, when Trysha (the daughter we are in the process of adopting) moved in, her stuff had a different smell and when I hugged her and rested my nose on her head, I could smell her… it was foreign and yet now, over time, I can identify each one of my children when I hug them. Take note of this- when your loved ones are gone it will bring a sense of comfort.

6. Do you have a will? If you were in a fatal accident today and you ended up on life support, what would you want the doctors to do with you? Without something in writing, it puts your family members in a very awkward position. Not only will they be faced with the shock and horror of you being in an accident and in a coma, but will then need to carry the burden of what to decide for you? Don’t let it come to that. The myth is that it’s too complicated or expensive to write your will- but it’s not. I think we did ours for less than $300. Talk about what your wishes would be with your family members. What type of memorial/funeral service would you want? Private, immediate family only or public- open to anyone? Do you have any specific songs or themes you would hope for? My Dad did and it felt so good to honor him in that special way by the songs we chose to include in the service. Do you want to be buried in a casket or cremated… each option has costs involved and it’s important to discuss these options with your family. They offer prepaid plans believe it or not and it’s not a bad idea to look into the options.. the reality is, it’s going to cost money- so why not plan ahead and not put the financial burden on your grieving family members.

7. Learn to have childlike faith. Children have such a matter a fact way about them. I have found in recent weeks that the more time I spend with babies and children, the better I feel. They are so honest- so transparent. We have a lot to learn from them. They remind us that the bible says so… so it’s gotta be true!

8. Take notes and make a bit of a checklist of “if I am gone, you need to know” kind of a list. All your passwords for all your accounts, where do you keep your birth certificate, passport, marriage license and so on. Where do you keep your treasured things like keepsakes and jewelry? Is your address book up to date so if your loved ones needed to let the important people know, they would know how to contact them.

9. The reality is we are all going to die. It’s just a matter of when. There is no escaping it. Talk about your “bucket list”… share your hopes and dreams with your family. If you are not able to fulfill all that you have your list, maybe it’s for the next generation to complete after you are gone. I had the privileged of being with my Dad when he passed away. I can only speak from my perspective but for me, it was one of the most life changing moments of my life. While my Dad was in a coma, we talked to him like he was there with us…cracking jokes, being silly, singing songs, praying and crying. My Dad was a very emotional guy, you couldn’t’ talk about spiritual things without him getting choked up. Part of it was the side effects of the heart attack he had in previous years, but the other was- he was simply, a tender hearted man. The night I spent with him before he passed away was incredible. I have never sang that many hours in a row. I have never prayed in tongues that long of a stretch before in my life. I sang one song and another would somehow fit perfectly with the melody or the lyrics… it was a medley of never ending songs.. so sweet. When his sedation medicine was decreased, they said he may be able to hear more of what we said… so I went close to his ear and said my name and talk with him. A tear ran down his cheek. The more I talked and sang to him, the more emotional he appeared, at one point, he quivered his chin and lips like he always did right before he cried. I asked him to hold on for Mom and Tiff to arrive. I called his brother Bruce and put the phone on speaker phone up to his ear and he looked as though he tried to blink. I called Mom and when she spoke over the phone in his ear, another tear rolled down his face and he looked like he wiggled his nose. I told him we would be okay. I told him how thankful I was to have called him Dad. I told him that he had such a rich legacy that would follow him because of the life he lived. I told him that I wouldn’t’ say good bye because I knew he was only going ahead of me in the journey and that I would be seeing him soon. I told him to give my grandparents a hug for me. His heart was fluttering and then gave way. The rush of wind in the room in the spiritual sense was undeniable. The sense of him being scooped up, enveloped into the arms of the Lord somehow and then he was gone.

10. Your soul can be sure- without any doubt where you are going to spend eternity. If you haven’t already invited the Lord to be your everything and surrender to Him, it’s not too late. You can choose life now and have the security of where you are going to be forever and know that when your loved ones die, they can look forward to the hope of seeing you again one day in Heaven. It’s a marvelous gift! If you haven’t already, call me- I’d love to be the one to pray with you as you make this life changing decision. Nothing can prepare a human heart to deal with such loss of a loved one. All I can say is that it is an opportunity for us to LIVE out what we have confessed to believe. All the worship songs I’ve ever sang- I know I now have the choice to live them out… will I choose to run into His arms, lay at His feet, facedown and let Him heal my heart like only He can. Fill me when I feel empty, strengthen me when I am weak, carry the burdens that are too heavy for me, heal me when I feel so broken and replace my mourning for JOY that only He can give.

Love you,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The depth of loss

Today is one of those days... I choose to worship in the midst of the huge waves of emotion crashing over me. I put the music on..... and lay face down and pour out every thought that comes to mind. Not that He doesn't already know it, but it somehow helps to speak out the obvious. This hurts. Life without my Dad is so strange. It's a very weird thing. How do I move forward, when all I want is for time to stand still. Let me catch my breath before things just move on. How can we move on now that our lives are missing a huge piece. The one who has been a LARGE part of influencing me up until this point in my life- gone. I can't just pick up the phone to ask his opinion... he was such a good listener and always had something uplifting and encouraging to say. He always encouraged me to get God's perspective on things. He was always telling me to look up! Look up and keep your eyes focused on HIM he would say. The thought of never hearing his voice is so upsetting there are no words. Lord, I look to you. You are my hope. I know I will see Dad again, but eternity feels so far away from my today. I will try not to be overwhelmed but it's really tough right now. I choose to worship you- I know You are with me. I choose to trust You. I will sing to You a new song.

Eulogy of my Dad- Our Beloved Muffin Man

My Dad. If Chatty Cathy is the female version, my Dad Bryan was the male version. He loved to talk! He wanted to be the first one there and the last one to leave. He loved people. He was accepting of everyone.

Some men have hobbies like golf, hunting or fishing. For my Dad he loved people. Any activity involving others….and he was there.

He was an artist. Creative at heart. He loved:
- rearranging furniture
- gardening with LOTS of color
- music …..and it needed to be loud
- photography
- loved nature
- bright BOLD flamboyant color... so much so that in celebration of his life today, we thought it would be suitable for Mom to wear a colorful Hawaiian Mumu to this memorial…..but she refused.

“That’s SMASHING!” Was a comment he would say often when his girls tried on outfits and asked him “how does this look Dad?”

The last time Dad was in the hospital, I drove up and as soon as I opened the door, I could hear my dad laughing down the hall. I told him that I wanted to know what we should do should he pass away. He laughed, Threw his head back and said “Have a party! I know where I'm going.”

So today Dad, we wear colorful dresses to honor your bright and bold personality!

In his passion for music, I can remember the upset he caused by the purchase of a Sony Surround Sound Stereo back in the 80s. He had asked Lonnie Andrews which system would give him the best quality sound. Mom couldn’t understand the need for such a system…even so, Dad would blast the music so loud, the windows in the house rattled. Looking back, the music Dad played, ignited the passion in Tiffany and I to pursue music and now, years later, we both sing and re worship leaders at our churches.

I have so many fond memories of Muffin Break. When I was 8, Dad let me work on Saturdays and after school, I would sweep floors, load the dish washer and give coffee refills. I watched Dad very carefully… everyone who walked in the door needed to be greeted with a smile and as they left, we always made sure to say thank them for their business.

Dad made so many creative recipes of muffins and soups. The Deckerts supported them all unfortunately after they left … He got in trouble from Muffin Break headquarters for making "unauthorized product". We called him the Muffin Man and we were his “mufkins”. He drove what we called the Muffin Mobile... he had custom racks installed in the back of his truck to transport all those yummy ham n cheese muffins from the main store over to the Seven Oaks mall.

Dad was gifted with the ability to always put people at ease... He never complained and everything was always good. He always saw the potential in people. He was passionate about ministry, he had words of knowledge, such a giving heart and he offered a reassuring word when it was needed most. He was so giving and generous…..we are now finding out that he delivered groceries and money to people anonymously.

The Bible charges us as believers to go to the nations and preach the gospel. And He truly did that when he traveled to St Lucia and Africa on mission teams from our church in the 80 & 90s. I remember we packed his suitcase and Mom stuck love notes in his socks and shirt pockets. When he came back home, we unpacked his bag of souvenirs in the middle of the living room floor and cockroaches scattered across the room and we all screamed in terror!

Over coffee... he never rushed you... he was never in a hurry or rush... He lingered, and listened with genuine interest.

Nosy to a fault.... I was always embarrassed at how he stood in the front window to watch me leave as I drove away with my boyfriends…but know I’m count myself blessed to have had a father who truly cared about me.

I have no doubt that my relationship with my heavenly father is as strong and intimate as it is today because the earthly father's love and attention I received from my Dad. I tagged along with him a lot and for that I am so grateful. Dad would bring me to the prayer room on Sunday nights before service and I remember him on his knees praying for the unsaved and for the needs of others. He taught me to pray and by example, he taught me to worship and belt out the songs in my heart to the Lord.

In processing all the emotions this week, I went to his closet, longing to catch a smell of my dad... but nothing, he didn't wear cologne but then on Thursday, we went to the MCC kitchen where Dad volunteered. As we walked in, they pulled a batch of cinnamon buns out of the oven and that combined with the simmering soup on the burner, I was overwhelmed with Dad... that was his smell. Giving him a hug after work, that was my dad’s smell.

We are eternally grateful to the rescuer for saving Dad…. the selfless act of pulling him out of the water, gave us the giving me the time to drive up from Seattle to be with Dad, for Tiff to jump on the last flight of the day out of Calgary... we were able sing over him, pray and say good bye. His passing was so incredibly peaceful. To feel heaven... Jesus himself in the room as he enveloped my dad up into his arms.... I've never been with someone as they die and leave this earthly body but I am telling you- it was amazing. The swell in the room was so thick you could have reach out and touch it. I have no doubt that all that my parents raised us to believe is true. A favorite verse say- Soon and very soon I will be with the one I love, with unveiled face I'll see him. There my soul will be satisfied. Though I have not seen him, my heart knows him well. Jesus Christ the Lamb, the Lord of Heaven.

Dad you were always my biggest fan and now, I know you are cheering me on from that cloud of witnesses that gave you the welcome to heaven party last week. I will miss your beef barley soup, with rhubarb pie... but most of all, I will miss your smile, your laugh and your hugs. We know you are celebrating in your new body- pain free, full of JOY, and singing the Hallelujah chorus at the top of your lungs! I love you Dad.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Loss of my Dad

Bryan Neil Volden

Our Beloved Muffin Man

It all started over coffee. The aroma of muffins and coffee will forever remind us of our loving husband , father and grandfather, Bryan Neil Volden. Born on June 14th 1945 in Penticton BC to Adolph “Duffy” & Della Volden, Bryan grew up with his brother Bruce. After graduating from Pen High, Bryan attended Vancouver Vocational Institute and graduated with a certificate in Culinary Arts. Creative at heart, he had a natural gift which allowed him to compete in the National Culinary Olympics and won the Top Award in 1965. He worked in numerous elite hotels and venues including the Worlds Fair in Montreal in 1967. Being an extremely social guy, working for someone else cramped his style. His parents helped him buy his first restaurant The Burger Bar in Mission, BC. One night after church, he met Solveig over coffee. Bryan's coffee was the method to which he won the hearts of many including Solveig. It took Bryan 5 weeks to propose. They were married in Oct. 1974. Over the years, while owning the various family businesses, they worked side by side as team. They raised their two daughters Rebecca & Tiffany in Abbotsford and attended Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly and later Christian Life Assembly in Langley.

He owned the Muffin Break and thus became known as "The Muffin Man". Later, Towers Cafe at the Mc Callum Medical Towers where he felt that many, after seeing the doctor, came in for a cup of coffee as well as a “second opinion”.

On March 19th 2011, Bryan passed away in ICU at Abbotsford Regional Hospital. Surrounded by his loved ones. The Volden's are so grateful for the amazing care he received from the staff in the ICU.

Bryan was a loving husband, father & grandpa. He will be dearly missed by so many but most of all by his wife of 37 years, Solveig, his daughters Rebecca (Oscar) Del Pozo, Tiffany ( Brandon) Waardenburg. Grandchildren, Antonio, Trysha, Isaiah, Bella & Jacob. His Brother Bruce ( Janey) Oliver & Casey Volden of Penticton, BC and extended family members.

Bryan had a heart for people and for God. From the way he connected with people, to how he served in the church and community. He volunteered with care and compassion at the MCC in the kitchen as well as pricing donations in the thrift store. He always had an encouraging word, a warm smile, an infectious laugher and a gentle touch. His understanding nature has touched us all and his impact on this earth has made a diffence in eternity. The Memorial Service to celebrate Bryan's life will be held on Saturday March 26th at 1pm at Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly 3145 Gladwin Rd. Donations in memory of Bryan's may be made to

Monday, January 10, 2011


It's amazing to think it's 2011! So much can happen in one year. Last February, I entered a Love Story contest through our local Christian Radio station. We ended up sharing the story of how we met and a bit of our testimony of how God saved, healed and restored a marriage that was doomed to fail after suffering some major blows. But we serve a God who can bring things back to life and that He has! Our video link is on the homepage at if you want to check it out. Another cool part was NWC used our video for their Valentines Day services... it was such a blessing to be a part of it all.

In wining the Love Contest, we were showered with such amazing gifts: $1000 gift certificate to America's Matress ( which we were able to buy A VERA WANG bed- yes her name is all over the boxspring! ), Dinner Cruise Tickets, a Do Not Disturb Package at Willows Lodge and to top it all off we got to meet Matt Case our favorite DJ at the station and hear a verse to Brandon Heath's "Love Never Fails" song, that he personalized for us. It was quite an amazing experience!

Well it was time to book our Willows Lodge getaway ( and I thought it would be fun to book it for Oscar's birthday month ( January) so we did and what a time! We arrived at Willows Lodge on Friday night, enjoyed the atmosphere of the lounge where The Side Project ( was performing.. such a amazing music... I felt like their presence and song made the night extra special for us as it's always been a dream of mine to sing in a live intimate lounge like that....maybe someday.

Our room was incredible. Not even sure how to begin to describe it. Amazing. Dinner at the Barking Frog- again- so good beyond words. Service was great and the food exceeded our expectations. A part of our package was dessert back in our room, so we went back to find dimmed lights, Michael Buble playing softly, candles lit and dessert fondue waiting for amazing end to a spectacular night.

I do have to make one observation: it was as if time was slowed down for us. We don't normally book a one night getaway because it feels so rushed and kinda defeats the purpose...but I feel like we were able to be present and enjoy every moment and not feel rushed at all. We left feeling totally refreshed and would do it again for sure. Time away, even for 24 hrs is so important. It's so much fun to be with the man I love and not have any distractions. It's been 11 years and I can't honestly say it's been bliss.... but what I can say is I know that I know that I know that I know....God has made Oscar and I grow closer than ever and this kind of love is worth celebrating.

This New Year holds many great things ahead. Many of which I don't know. It says He will do beyond what we could ask or think and so I know that based on this truth it's going to be a great year. If I had it my way, by this time next year, I will be telling you about my many travels to cities across N. America where I got to speak at women's conferences to minister and sing for thousands, maybe even in the Hollywood Bowl?!! I will be bragging on Oscar and the kids and their many accomplishments. I will have a solo CD project ready for distribution and once again I will be able to look back at see the tangible hand of God in my family, ministry and real estate business. If I don't get my way it's okay. I know He has great things planned... I don't have to be fearful of the unknown, because I trust my heart to the One who's holding my hand.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21st 2010- Filled with Wonder

Dear Lord,
I just have to say a quick thank you. Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for knowing all the good and bad and choosing to come to save us anyway. This year, Christmas means more to me than ever before. I am so excited for the next few days. We have planned a special surprise for the kids and I can't wait to see their faces! I can hardly stand it... the secret keeping that is, I have almost blurted it out a few times out of excitement...but thank goodness I didn't spill the beans. My hope is that this Christmas is full of memories.. fond memories that we will talk about for years and years to come.

My Christmas cards are out, the presents are wrapped and ready... deep breath in and out. I feel like I can finally enjoy and not feel the rush of this week. What a blessing. We went to get a picture taken with santa yesterday and he asked Bella what she wanted for Christmas... her answer: snow. It would be nice to have snow, but not too much cause my sister and family are planning a 15hrs+ road trip down to see us on the Boxing Day and I am praying for clear roads for them. It will be so special for them to be with us. They haven't met Trysha yet, so it will be great. Seeing my sister will be very special this year.

Being involved in our adoption process with Trysha has brought about so many thoughts and reflections of my own adoption story. I can remember the day we went to the hospital to pick up my sister for the first time. I was so thrilled to be a big sister. Over years, I wasn't the best big sister- didn't treat her kindly all the time, but thank goodness, the older we've gotten, the closer we've become and for that I am so grateful. It's amazing that the Lord chose my parents for me. Hand picked-knowing exactly what I needed. Having now met my bio family, it's amazing to think of the extended family. I have a vision of what it could be like someday in heaven. One huge fam reunion and to be able to see the story of lives told by the Maker himself... I can't wait. I can't wait cause in heaven, there will be no distance and I will be with the ones I love. I think of my grandparents who are already there.... wonder what kind of birthday party they get to be a part of. I wonder what the angels talk about this time of year.. like almost a bragging sessions of " Yah- I was there that night.. I got to sing over Bethlehem and see the baby born. Can you imagine being background vocals in that choir?!! Sweet. Anyways.. just a few thoughts. Thank you Lord for the amazing gift of my family this year. Thank you that You have amazing plans for us and You are working all these things together for our good. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

Dear Friends & Family,

Merry Christmas 2010! What an incredible year it has been. I have my cinnamon spice candle burning and the stockings are up. This year we have FIVE stockings up on our mantle. If you haven’t heard the news, we are in the process of adopting!

This year has been such an amazing journey for our family. Every June, Oscar and I go to Royal Family Kids Camp a camp that is specifically for children that are in foster care in King and Pierce County. This year was unlike any year as we came home from camp and realized that there was one particular little camper -one little girl, Trysha who had caught our attention and in such a way that we talked about the possibility of adoption. We started to research and found out that the state was actively looking for a family to love her. A week before Thanksgiving, Trysha moved in with us for good- and that's the “short version”…. the long version is available on my blog website:

We are so excited and so thankful for all the Lord has done in our lives this year. Oscar has continued to work for the City of Seattle in the Water Dept and is doing really well -enjoying his job. He is actively involved in the Men's ministry at our church as well as leading worship with me twice a month in the children's department for Kids Church and helping with Awana. I've been busy in real estate. The media won’t tell you the good stories- but this year has been an incredible year in real estate and I’m excited to share that I sold houses even in a difficult market. Regardless of what's going on around us, we know- without a doubt -that the Lord is providing and making a way for us.

Antonio finished his football season and got his middle school letter and he is doing really well at keeping straight A's at school, as well as busy with youth group and friends. Bella started kindergarten this year and she is loving every minute of it! Lots of crafts, projects and learning and she’s starting to read.

Trysha is full of life and very outgoing. She loves to sing, play basket ball and she take turns on the microphone with Bella as they give us concerts. She is a very loving and caring. It is such a blessing to have her as part of our family. We count ourselves blessed and we know that the Lord has made a way for our family and we are so excited for all that the future holds. We wish you every blessing in 2011.

Merry Christmas! Love the Del Pozo’s

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


What a night. I can't sleep. I'm too excited! I picked Trysha up after school, came home and had dinner as a family. Oscar took Bella out for a special playdate, Antonio went to youth group and Trysha and I went to Target. We set up a personalized wishlist registry for Trysha. The clerk gave her the scanner gun and a HUGE smile appeared on Trysha's face. We started in clothing dept. Socks, shirts, jeans, jackets, pj's... I asked her to scan anything she liked and I watched closely ... doing my best to pay attention to any themes or obvious likes and/or dislikes. As a mom to Tonio and Bella.. I know what they like and I know what they don't like.. but I have a lot to learn with Trysha so it was fun to watch and see her get excited about certain colors.. certain styles. She loved the spongebob pjs. Loved the onesee style pjs with poke-a -dots. Poke-a-dot bath robe .. skinny jeans... it was so cute to watch her. As we shopped the "in between chit chat" conversations were priceless. She shared so much it was such a blessing to just listen. Next we went to body care... she found her favorite body wash, smelled the sprays and lotions.. did she like fruity or floral? Fruity for sure! We smelled candles, we smelled handsoap and so on..... Then the candy aisle. Beep Beep BEEP went the scanner. Jolly Ranchers, Hot Tamales....We went around the corner and it was cereal... I asked what her fav breakfast cereal is and told her to scan it for fun! Home decor dept was a blast. She has great style! Loves photo frames and mirrors, discos balls, lava lamps... Last but not least was the toy and electronic dept. Ohmy. She lit up! She scanned babies, barbies.. Easy Bake Oven.. then got a bit embarrassed and said- "I'm acting too young". I reassured her that every girl I know ( including myself) always dreamed of having an Easy Bake Oven! Doesn't mean we got everything we wanted.. but it's good to dream. It's good to say - I like this- or that. I loved every minute of it.. watching her pick out babies, a baby stroller... then the Taylor Swift CDs, bedtime reading books, coloring/craft books... it was so neat to see what caught her eye and which ones compelled her to pick them up to touch and check out.

The highlight of the conversation was the opportunity that came about for me to share my own adoption story. As soon as I told her I was adopted, our eyes locked. "YOU ARE?" She asked. Yup. Now how do I explain this to a 10 year so it makes sense..... My mom wasn't able to have babies and was so sad. She prayed and asked the Lord for a baby and went through the same background checks, fingerprints and interviews that Oscar and I did to make sure we are safe people who will be a good match for you. When I was born, they got the call to go to the hospital to pick me up and have loved me like their own ever since. Then 3 years later, I got my baby sister, Tiffany. Growing up, we fought alot but the older we get, the closer we are and she is one of my bestests friends ever. "So you are not blood related to your family?" Trysha asked. No- but I know they love me with unconditional love. "What's that mean?" she asked. I explained. Unconditional love means I love you ~no matter what. The love in my heart for you never runs out it only gets bigger and bigger over time. It's like the love God has for us. There's always lots of love. His love for us never changes. She gave me the biggest squeeze yet. "So were kinda the same." Trysha said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the next aisle of goodies.... what a night!! Lord I am amazed at Your ways. I would have never been able to dream this big. I would have never thought that from such heartache and hurt in my mother's heart years ago from not being able to give birth to a child and yet you made a way for me, You could give me such a loving family... such an amazing legacy....a family who has loved me and taught me to love in this way and then married into a family who is so accepting and loving and now the gift continues on somehow.. my heart is amazed by Your ways.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dress up and Harvest Festival 2010

Well.. it's been a busy couple of days.. so much so that when I came home from picking up the kids from school, I said I would take a quick nap and the next thing I know I wake up 3 hours later... a bit groggy but feeling like I slept like a bear in hibernation! haha. I think the emotion of the last few weeks are catching up with me. #1- we have had wonderful visits with Trysha. The kids plays well together and are even fighting for attention like normal kids do.. so that's a healthy sign. #2- I just finished leading worship for all 4 services at church.... The Lord utilized this weekend to do some major work in my own heart while ministering to many others.. I love how HE can multitask to the extreme!

We were able to have Trysha for Sunday, so we found her a cheerleader costume and Bella was Sleeping Beauty and Antonio was a Baseball player. Antonio volunteered at a station for balloon animals and Bella enjoyed the bouncy houses while Trysha quickly learned which stations gave out the most candy and kept getting back in line and ended up with a BAG full of candy by the end of the night. Poor thing was exhausted from being introduced to all our friends throughout the night but she said she had a great time.

We will have her over this week for dinner and then a full weekend next weekend. We are so excited! As of right now, we feel very strong about her being with us by Thanksgiving. What an amazing blessing for this time of year. The Party Planner in me is thinking me need to book the date for her Belated Birthday/Welcome Home Party. We are looking at an Open House on Sunday November 21st at our place. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement. We are so excited to see all the Lord is up to in this new season for our family. Love you, Becca
PS- Here is the link of the latest pictures:

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So I'm nesting... but I don't have a due date. I'm cleaning like never before, scrubbing the shower, cleaning the toilets, vacuuming the crevices of the entire house....Is it wrong of me? Tonight at church when Kristina prayed for the kids and asked if there were any expecting mothers, I wanted to raise my hand... but then I wouldn't want anyone to mistake this 5 year of pooch belly from Bella as the beginning signs of another baby....nope! My baby is a full grown 10 year little girl! I have been preparing her room, little by little piece by piece and it's so cool some of the finds I have gotten for her. I hesitate to do much more as I want it to be something we can do together and have her have a say in what her room will look like. Has she had a room of her own before? Has she had a say in the decor, wall hangings or curtain choices? Well- now she will. I walk by her room every day multiple times a day and talk about her with the Lord. I read Bella bedtime stories and think to myself.. there will be a day when Trysha is waiting for me to read her bedtime stories and then tuck her in. I cry just thinking about it. The girls and I will be able to do girl days together! The girls. I love the sound of that. I can't wait... we hope to start our visits as soon as next weekend. This week won't come and go quick enough for us. I can't wait to see her... hug her. Find out what she's been thinking, how she's feeling about every thing, get her measurements like Mary Poppins would -so I can finally go shopping and get stocked up with stuff. Ask her what her favorite color is, and if she has a bike? I can't wait. I can't wait! I can remember being pregnant with Bella and sitting in her room and talking to the Lord about her and getting ready for everything.. this feels very similar in a funny way. God, Your ways amaze me. I am in awe of all that You do in our lives. Please help me settle and not have such crazy nesting and give me the ability to enjoy every step along the way.

The Happiest Place on Earth!

What an amazing trip! We had a family reunion in Disneyland. What a treat.. You see I live 3hrs away from my parents and way longer from my sister and family in Calgary Alberta. So we booked a trip to Disneyland for a week. We booked a rental house with a pool/hot tub and a 12 passenger van so we could have quality time together in the Happiest Place on Earth as well as away. It was such a blessing to have our family together. It was so fun to watch my kids have time with their cousins. It was a week full of comedy, memories and fun. What a blessing to have time like that together- it should be an annual event in my opinion!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Del Pozo Party of 5 !!! Our family is growing!


September 28, 2010

Where to begin….. I feel like I need to make an attempt to document my day before this head of mine hits the pillow. I am so drained and exhausted but in a good way. It’s been such an emotionally charged day for us…. Such great news, but all the tears have brought me to a place where I am so ready for my bed and to get a good nights rest. But I don’t want to forget the details of today. What a day it’s been!

Woke up this morning and went about my daily routine. Then everything changed when I checked my voice messages and found a message from the foster care case worker at the state who cares for Trysha. She said that she had spoke with her supervisors and it was decided that based on our level of effort and interest, follow through, they were confident that we are the family best suited for Trysha. On Saturday, Trysha had her 10th birthday. At one point, she was upset because she wasn’t able to spend it with any of her biological family. She started to cry and said “All I want is a family”. There was a moment of opportunity for the case worker to share the news… a family has come forward with the intention of adoption for you. When she mentioned it was someone from camp ( Royal Family Kids Camp) she guessed us right away. She mentioned that “Rebecca is a singer and I sang with her you know”. She was overjoyed and got so excited about the idea. She said they could really love me”. I can’t imagine what she must have thought… or is thinking right now. My heart is beating fast just thinking about it. I can’t fathom being 10 years old and not have a home or family with unconditional love.

Looking back I can see how the Lord has been at work making a way for this to take place. Oscar and I prepared for camp – just like every other year… but what we didn’t know was unlike any other year in before, this summer a little girl was going to captivate us. It’s crazy because I have my own storiesand interactions with her and Oscar has completely different ones of his own. You don’t ever want to have favorites at camp, but who can deny that there are certain people you click with quicker than others and that’s what happened. Looking back, it’s almost like she was testing us… or interviewing us to see if we would be good parents for her. She was very inquisitive about my story and my family. Every year we go to camp to teach the kids how to pray and worship the Lord, but what if right in front of my very eyes, she was having faith being built up inside of her to ask and believe for parents who would love her. What if we are the answer to her prayers? On the talent show night, she sang You Never Let Go and ever since, it seems like everywhere I go, I hear that song. At the end of the evening, I sang over the kids. I had co-written a song “How much More”. How much more does He care for us. How much more does He love us. What an amazing Father we have who loves us beyond our own comprehension! His plans for us are good!

We had been talking about our family plan.. both feeling like maybe it would grow but not sure if I would get pregnant. Then camp came and everything changed. When we got back from camp, we found out that she has been switched homes again and would move on to another foster home. As we said goodbye, Trysha gave me a huge goodbye hug and squeezed me tight and looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said “I love you”. My heart melted and as she walked away, I remember thinking I can’t imagine not seeing her again. Later on, I realized I was really struggling to release the thoughts I was having about her. It was almost as if I was seeing her. I would turn around in the car and imagine here there with our kids. I dreamed of what it would be like to have her with us for Christmas. I cried to my mom– Trysha is deserving of unconditional love too. After talking it out with Oscar, I found out that he was feeling the same way about a particular camper as well… and it was Trysha! We felt a strong urge to find out if she was okay. Many children go home with family members or good foster home situations that will lead to permanent homes… but we needed to know she was okay. Through a series of attempts, we found out she was legally free and looking for a permanent family to love and care for her.

So our journey of the adoption process began. We completed our home study visits, references, autobiographies, medical tests, back ground checks, fingerprints and so on. We told our kids about the possibility and they were very open and receptive to the idea. The more we did, the more I wondered how she was and what it would be like to love her the way I was feeling I could. After an important meeting, it was as if I could feel my heart stretching. In order to have the ability to love another human being, I would need to surrender my heart to God and trust that He would give me the love in my heart Trysha along with the rest of my family. With each passing day, the anticipation grows and I can’t wait for her arrival.

The next step in the visitation process and there will be further evaluation and if everything moves ahead, a transition and move for Trysha to come home to be with us. I know there are good things ahead as well as challenges. We are confident that He will guide us and give us all that we need. We are so excited to see what the Lord is going to do! My heart is expectant beyond words right now!

So our family will gain its newest member soon- hopefully before Christmas because she would be an amazing Christmas gift to all of us. And besides, my mom already made the personalized Christmas stocking with Trysha’s name on it!!

God has amazing plans for us all. Lately it feels like Oscar and I made a choice to say YES to HIS plans in a deeper way and the blessings that come from obedience are incredible! They may seem crazy or sound irrational to some, but if the Lord is asking something of you, why not say yes and step out in faith and see what He has in store.

Thanks for all your support, prayers and encouragement. We will keep you posted and be sure to invite you to Trysha’s Welcome Home Party.

Rebecca & Family

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 2010- so many firsts!

Hi! It's a very busy time of year for us, so I figured, if I don't stop to update my blog, along with the kids' baby books, time will fly by and I will feel even more behind. As I was updating Bella's babybook- I realized it's for the first five years of her life, which means she officially gets her right to the "School Daze binder" with school details and pictures. I still have mine from when I was little. On the backpage of each Grade, you sign your name and over time, you can see how it changes and evolves. It's got notes where you can write your friends, teachers and memories. Bella started full day kindergarten and is loving it. She also decided she was done with training wheels on her bike, so Oscar took them off and off she went! Antonio started 8th grade and made the football team. He is officially taller than me now- not that 5'2 is much to beat, but still! My boy is growing up to be a wonderful young man.

Happy to report my back is feeling much better these days. I am working out and feeling stronger with each day. Only complaint I have is the weather. The pain increases with cold weather... guess it's time to book a getaway. Actually we have one booked but the destination is a secret at the moment. I will fill you in when the time is right :)

I have been busy with work and NWC newest CD project. We are practicing and getting ready for our live worship experience on Friday October 1st 2010- hope you can join us! All original new fresh songs to worship to... it's going to be great.

I'm leading the 4th Saturday of every month at the Generation Services at NWC. If you don't have a home church or you want to come for a visit, come on out and worship with us!

Doors are opening for more and more ministry opportunities. Last weekend, Oscar and I spoke to a group of marriage mentors at our church. It's amazing to be given the opportunity to reflect on things of the past and see how much the Lord has done in our lives. He is faithful in ALL things. His ways are not our ways... they are better.

I pray you all have a wonderful rest of your September. Keep in touch and I look forward to see you soon. Blessings,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer update

Well- I'm not sure how to say this any other way but: WARNING! When you seek the Lord, you will find Him, when you give Him your heart and say "break it for what break Yours"- there could be things that are asked of you that you would have NEVER dreamed of.. but man! When you surrender your life to the Lord, His ways are amazing and His plans are beyond your wildest dreams and it's AMAZING!

There's so much to share, so I will try to get you caught up. We went to RFKC this year and it was very different than ever before. It was so powerful to watch Oscar- no only lead the kids.. but pastor them. It's incredible to watch him minister the way he does. Such a gift. He has such a way with kids. For me, this year I recognized return campers and one little girl in particular. What an amazing difference from one year to the next! I can't get into all the details at the moment, but I can feel my heart stretching.. like I need to prepare for more love in my heart. Maybe that's why when people asked me before " Are you going to have more babies?" I wasn't sure how to answer. I feel the Lord is at work in a mighty way and I am so excited to see what He has in store!

In the mean time, the call to more ministry has been so evident that we came to a place of deeper surrender and as soon as we said YES to the Lord, doors opened one after the other. We are so excited for all the Lord is doing and we know He is faithful to lead us as we enter this new season of deeper surrender to Him.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is it!

This is it. My bags are almost packed, we are ready to go to Royal Family Kids Camp 2010. What an amazing week we have ahead of us. If you haven't heard of it, RFKC has more info on their website but here is my brief description. We take kids in the foster care system and take them to summer camp for a week. They wouldn't qualify to go to "normal" summer camp because of their needed meds or their abuse history, so we take intense training approved by DSHS to be able to go and love on them at camp. Oscar has been doing this for years ( 6 I think) and 3 years ago I went to a birthday party event at the camp and witnessed the most amazing thing. It was like I had stepped through a warp zone and I was felt the tangible presence of God like never before. I was helping with the jumpy bounce house and all of a sudden it hit me, as I looked at the little campers jumping and laughin- something awful had to happen to them to qualify for this camp. My heart sank. God I don't even know what I could do to help these kids. The inner dialogue went on between us the rest of the evening. He says- You sing! So come and sing to these kids! I thought that was a great idea and explained that I couldn't leave my own young kids for a week and go take care of other kids- so maybe someday God, when the timing is right. The rest of the evening was incredible. The kids were like sponges, just soaking up every drop of positive attention and love their hearts could hold. Within a few weeks of that night, my mum called and offered to come watch the kids for an extended visit if it was needed... my sign! Wow. Okay, Lord- I guess You want me to go and sing to these kids. I've been blessed with the privilege to worship with these kids for 3 years now and it's such a life changing experience. As a mum, knowing that my kids were happy and excited to have some much needed Grandma time, I felt released to go and enjoy the week. This year, I have been battling on ongoing fight with horrible back pain. I have tried everything. You name it, I 've tried it. Numrous hands on me- praying for complete healing. I have seen multiple doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, accunpuncturists, needles in my back for weeks at a time, hanging upside down on an inversion table.. the list goes on and on. At times I am thought- maybe I shouldn't go.. but little by little, I can feel the Lord give me strength for each day and I am not wimping out- I'm going to camp! It's going to be a powerful week of worship, dramas, skits, games, fishing, boat rides, parties and more. I have a VERY expectant heart for all that it ahead. I believing as I step out in obedience, my healing will come. Please pray the kids at camp this year. We need the prayer covering, so that things will be calm and enjoyable for everyone. Thanks so much for your encouragement and support. Love Rebecca

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What an amazing way to capture all that I feel in my heart! Thank you Cassandra!

Angels' Wings

I know it's been so long since I posted. There are many reasons why. I guess, one is that there have been so many things happening. Many things that I can't go into right now.. .but I wanted to share a quick encouragement that I received today. The short n sweet version is that I have had an ongoing battle with severe back pain for the last year. Off and on, depending on the day, things can be going really well and with one small, little movement- I can throw my back out and be flat for the rest of the day. The pain has been so intense. I am in a very in depth program including decompression on the DRX-9000... this machine is amazing! Physical Therapy, laser therapy, ART- Active Release Therapy, Kinesio taping, acupressure massage and the list goes on. All in all, I truly believe I am in the process of being healed. In the midst of the pain and frustration, I have felt Him near and I know this is being used for my good. I don't believe is in control of everything... but man! can He take something broken and make it beautiful- you bet! My heart is a perfect example of this fact. So all that to say that I woke up this morning and was greeted with an email from a very close friend. She felt a strong prompting to pray for me and as she did she recounts.... "As I began to pray I felt prompted to read Mark. I asked the Lord...where in Mark? He said Mark 2. It's the story of the paralyzed man, who is lowered down to Jesus by his 4 friends...and He saw THEIR faith. cool! Then as I was praying I could see you laying down on your stomach and resting and could see this large angels wings gently moving back and forth over you and it seemed that our combined prayers were creating incense that drew the attention of heaven and brought the angel to move the incense more quickly toward heaven. Standing with you for your complete healing in Jesus Name!" When I read this, I instantly heard the melody to " Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place, I can see His mighty power and His grace. I can fell the brush of angels wings, I see glory on each face. Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place".... I starting to hmm the tune it was as if a peace fell over me. I layed back down in bed for a few minutes to let it all sink in. Yes Lord, I receive your healing touch. I know You will heal me. He is my Peace.

Isn't just amazing to think of how the creator of Heaven and earth is wanting to talk to us and we get so busy we don't stop to listen at times. This email couldn't have come at a better time. The amazing part... coincidentally.. which by the way Oscar has a t-shirt that says"Coincidence is God choosing to remain anonymous"... anyway I have been reading Bella the bedtime story about the guy who was lowered through the roof and received healing AND last night at the approx. time that she was praying, I fell asleep on my stomach and had such a restful sleep- 11 hrs of sleep to be exact! The pain has decreased... it's still there but the relief I felt today prepped me for a very important appointment: my photo shoot with Cassandra. I have been feeling the prompt for months to take another step in preparation for ministry opportunities and I have honestly been busy and yet another part of me has tried to ignore it. There are such huge dreams in my heart and the thought of truly getting up and walking towards them is very intimidating... but a few weeks ago, I felt the nudge again and then a few days later it was like a pulling inside me. My mind says" but Lord.... but Lord,, but this, but that. All He desires from us is the YES. Where He guides- He provides. So tonight I met with Cassandra and we snapped a few pics some 236 I think in total! It was such a blessing to be with her as we captured different moments and in between pictures being snapped we were able to share heart to hearts stories. Tonight was a huge step of faith, but I have a huge sense of peace after stepping out. A proud Pappa can see I took another step towards it and I can feel His pleasure.** Big sigh*** it feels really good. I'm ready for another restful night. Goodnight.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Such a crazy name for this Friday... "good" seems too simple of a word to describe the most amazing act of love this world will ever know. I can't imagine life without You, Lord. My Savior, Redeemer and Best Friend ever.

So it's been a while since I posted anything... sorry, but it's been a busy few weeks. The good news is that this morning our contest winning bed was delivered. Did you know Vera Wang now has a say in the newest latex brand of Serta mattresses! Well she does and I'm excited for my first sleep in it. It's kinda funny... you see, I have been battling some horrific back pain for some 7+ months now. The messed up part is if you look at me, I look alright, but back pain is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. It's awful. I have good days and bad. I have had to learn to say no and rest more than ever. It's so frustrating because I want so badly to jump around in praise and worship and feel I am stuck because of the pain that this back of mine is causing. 2 herniated discs and a bunch of other long medical terms showed up on the MRI. On Monday, I start a new treatment that involves a huge machine known as the DRX. It will rhythmically pull and stretch my back in hopes that he disc will slip back in to place. I have been getting prayer for some time, changed up what I am eating, tried some crazy kinds of treatments.. some of which I won't go into detail cause I know some of you can't stand the needle talk. I am hopeful. In the meantime, we won a love story contest and what was one of the prizes....a brand new bed!!! God ha a cool sense of humor, huh?!!

I trust the Lord is using all of this for good. Otherwise, things are going well. Bella turned 5 yrs old. She's enjoying Irish dance lessons these days.. so cute to see her skip across the hardwood floor with a big smile on her face. She is such a blessing to me. She keeps me laughing. I had parent teacher conferences with Antonio's teachers last week. What guy. We are so proud- another set of straight A's. He is gone right now for the backyard missions trip with the youth group. The weather has been so horrible.. I keep praying that they are dry and warm! Bella has been using her calendar and it was so cute, tonight before bed, she said- only 1 more sleep til Tonio comes home. Oscar is working OT tonight. I am thankful that he still has a job he enjoys. With the economy doing what it has, my business in real estate has been hit- but thankfully I have a good stream of closings. More than ever before, we are learning to trust the Lord and see His provision. He gives to us in ways that are not always tangible. He gives us peace, calm, rest, peace of mind, joy, contentment and so much more. Better get to bed. Blessings to you all and hope you all have a Blessed Easter Weekend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank you so much for your votes!! We won!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SPIRIT 105.3 FM - Seattle's Family-Friendly Radio Station - Love Stories 2010 Vote

SPIRIT 105.3 FM - Seattle's Family-Friendly Radio Station - Love Stories 2010 Vote

I need your help!! I entered a contest and would really appreciate your vote! Just click the link and enter your email and click on my name under Week 1!! Thanks so much!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday, dinner, song writing , conference....

What a busy couple of weeks but ohhhh they've been good! We celebrated Oscar's 35th Birthday but booking a babysitter and going out for dinner. I didn't know where to take him so I googled romantic, view, live music and eventually found my way to Daniels' Broiler restaurant. I read their blog and found out that Jim - the piano player has been playing there for over 20 years! Nothing like live music while enjoying a nice meal, so I made reservations. As we were going up, a guy joined us in the elevator and I recognized his face.... " Excuse me are you Jim the piano player" I asked. he laughed and said yes, how did you know? I told him my story about checking him out on the website. He asked if we sing. Oscar pointed at me- she does. Jim proceeded to invite me to join him after dinner at the piano. We enjoyed an amazing dinner, heartfelt conversation, dreaming of all we hope for in the years ahead of us. After dinner we went over the piano and found that there were so many people crowded around, we couldn't find a place to stand- let alone sit, so we both decided to head out. As we passed the piano, Jim's ye caught mine and from the microphone, he said "Rebecca, you're not leaving are you! Come sit on my piano bench!" So I turned around slowly and confirmed that he was indeed talking to me! HA! I sat down and he asked if I could sing along with him. After some time of reflection, here are a few observations: 1. I love to sing. There is nothing that brings me more joy that to use what it's me to express myself. 2. This was the first time I have ever sang in public outside church walls. 3. I did pretty well being put on the spot, singing a song I didn't know and pulling it off! Ps- the clip is on Youtube.

Later in the week, the NWC song writers had a retreat with some well know Christian music artists and waited on the Lord for new songs. It was so much fun. Not sure how to even put into words how good it felt to write and create using the gifts God has given us. I am so excited to see all that is to come.

Only 2 more sleeps until the NWC Women's Conference. Can't wait! I am leading worship on Saturday and teaching a workshop entitled: Taking Your Faith to the Workplace. I know the Lord is going to meet us and move mightily.

Friday, January 15, 2010

What a week!

Dreams to reality sounds a bit too cliche... but wow. What an amazing week. God will bring us times of refreshing in ways we could have never even thought or dreamed up. Through people, places, songs, prophecy, scripture, mile markers on I-5 S ( this one was so cool) , the cloud formations and many other divine appointments this week have been full of surprises. I love I love I love His presence. I am learning more than ever we are created and called for His purposes. Once we surrender our plans- it opens the door for Him to come in and do what He wants... and it's so much better than we could try to conjure up. We can rest in the promise that in our weakness He is strong. We can trust the the creator of the universe is living in us and orchestrating it all for His glory. Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Radio City Rockets Christmas!

Check out these pictures!!

So I got a call from Nikki my girlfriend and her mom won tickets to the Radio City Rockets Christmas Show in Seattle. She asked me to go... what a night we had. It was amazing music, lights, dancing. Santa and the elfs and then the true story of Jesus at the end with a live nativity with camels and donkeys and sheep... so sweet that in a world where I am not free to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but rather Happy Holidays.... they did it- they told the real reason of Christmas. If the Rockets are here next year, I want us all to go.. the kids would love it! We all would for that matter!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Recap Pictures

Here is the link to my facebooks photos of December:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Del Pozo Christmas Letter 2009

What an amazing year! So much to tell you about how God has blessed us this year! We hope you are doing well and we pray you enjoy this wonderful Christmas Season. Our tree is up and we are enjoying the chilly weather and looking forward to time with family.

We are so thankful for Rebecca's Real Estate business - it went well this year. In Dec. the Lord showed His faithfulness and she reached her goal for number of homes sold- what a blessing as the market has been so greatly affected by the economy here. She continues to work full time and is looking forward to the year ahead and all the new clients and friends she will be able to help. March was a busy month as Rebecca and I started training to be the upfront team leaders for Royal Family Kids Camp in June- an amazing organization that puts on a week long camp for severely neglected and abused foster children. I was in charge of the dramas, skits and games and Rebecca lead the music for the week. Taking part in this camp continues to open our eyes to how deep God's love is for us all, but especially the broken hearted.

In June Antonio graduated from 6th grade with straight A's and completed his first year of playing the viola in the school orchestra. He wrapped up his baseball season and enjoyed the summer months relaxing and playing with his friends. He spent one week on his first church mission trip with the Youth group in July and was hard at work: cleaning, scrubbing, painting and doing jobs around town. In September he joined the Junior Varsity Football team at school and enjoyed playing wide receiver and corner back. He continues to volunteer as a helper at Awanas on Thursday evenings and is involved in youth group at our church.

Bella started preschool this year and has been loving it! She continues to sing and dance and praise the Lord. She is a joy to our family. It's hard to believe she will be in kindergarten next year.... our baby's growing up! It's amazing what she comes up with - check out the youtube link for video clips.

June was a busy month as Rebecca and I were away at camp, we came back and Rebecca took part in our church's first CD Release concert. A few of Rebecca's songs that she wrote were included in the project. She also had the opportunity to travel and share her testimony and songs at Women's Conferences. She hopes for more opportunities to encourage others in this way in the upcoming year.

In November we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We felt led to celebrate by renewing our vows and express our gratefulness to the Lord for the healing and restoration that He did in our marriage. It was a blessing to share the experience with the Antonio and Bella and all the people who know our story. We took off for a 2nd honeymoon for a week in sunny Cabo. We enjoyed the warm weather and back to the reality of below freezing temperatures!

All in all, it's been a very busy year- but we have enjoyed every minute of it! We are so amazed at all the Lord has done in our lives this year and we have expectant hearts looking forward to 2010. We pray the Joy of Lord will fill your hearts this Christmas Season as we reflect on our Savior's birth. We look forward to hearing from you all and we wish you every blessing in 2010.

The Del Pozo's

Sunday, November 15, 2009


What an amazing week. It's hard to know where to begin, so I will just start.... last Friday night, Oscar and I renewed our vows. We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in a way that some may say- "huh, 10 years is great but it's not like it's 25 or anything"... but you see- we are celebrating a marriage that shouldn't be. Based on the history of life together and all the happenings, we could have easily become one the statistics.... betrayal, lies, cheating... for many divorce is the way it ends up, but with the smallest glimmer of hope and a little bit of faith and a ton of prayers from those around us, we made it and it was so incredible to celebrate all that God has done in our lives, marriage and family. The restoration and healing is something to celebrate... so we did and we had so much fun. What an incredible experience to have my own kids witness their parents renew their commitment to one another. Powerful. What a great night. To look out and see a room full of our family and friends... so many who have prayed for us, encouraged us along the way and now to be there and celebrate the victory- it was awesome.

So here are some of the blessings.... I am a thrifter. Thrift shopping is a huge passion for me and it was so cool to see the details come together for our special evening here are a few to name a few:

$4.99 - the cost of Bella's cute flower girl dress- VVillage! Sweet deal.

$30.00 - the cost of roses at costco and a roll tape to make our bouquets( which turned out great!)

Free- decorations that someone gave us to use that were leftover from their wedding

Free- the cake - family blessed us by paying for it.

$50- the cost of the condo we stayed in for a week in Cabo ( second honeymoon. My uncle was generous to let us stay at his ocean front condo) Oscar proposed to me in Cabo 11 years ago... so it was so powerful to go back and redeem the memories there.

It was actually pretty cool to see how cheap we could pull off a wedding night like this! I may need to do some wedding planning on the side when I have time...

Pastor Tony was so encouraging with his words in our ceremony and it was a blessing to have everyone there to celebrate with us. I will post a few pics, but will upload more when I get them back. Now it's back to reality. I was pretty sad to leave the warm 90 degree sunshine. No email, no phones for the entire week- it was nice. I highly suggest you take the time to unplug like this even for a weekend... but it was sooo good to get home and catch up with the kids and hear about their week.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bella Singing

I am amazed at how much Bella can remember when it comes to music. It reminds me of myself when I was little. It's so cute to watch. Today I had a pretty crazy busy day so when I got home, I turned my phone off and after dinner I asked Bella if I could play her with. She wanted to play a round of Candyland and then she asked if we could play telephone with her play phones.... what a riot! The conversation was hilarious. So sweet. The phone rings and she answered " Northwest Church, how can I help you?"..... and so the conversation goes.... check it out. As she sing the benediction song... her lyrics are May the good Lord bless you, MAYBE keep you safe, MAYBE let His face to shine upon you.... oh I love these moments. I grabbed the camera to try to capture it while it was fresh!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My new ring.. much better in person but here it is :)


Definition of restore: To establish something back to the way God intended it to be. If you took a stethoscope to my heart today you would hear the heartbeat of a heart that has been restored. If you looked at my heart, you would see scars- but they are glorious. They show the signs of a heart that was shattered to pieces, it looked impossible to repair, but I can say that it has not only been healed but restored to the way it was created it to be. There are promises that I received from the Lord in my darkest moments. Things I wouldn't dare say out loud because they seemed so far fetched... so I journalled them down instead and prayed with faith that God is the promise keeper. So.... all that to say. I am so excited! I am filled with joy in my heart. Drum roll...........Oscar booked the chapel and gave me a beautiful new ring and has asked if I would reaffirm our wedding vows for our 10 year wedding anniversary this fall. The healing that has taken place is worth celebrating and I am so amazed at God's faithfulness. There are moments when things look so dark- so depressing- so impossible- but our hope is in Him. If we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we will see that He can take horrible tragedies and circumstances and use them for good -if we surrender to Him... if we trust Him with our hearts.... no matter how bruised, beaten or shattered they may be. He is my Healer, Redeemer, Father, Friend, Comfort, my Song, My Love, my Breath- My everything.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Do the Puyallup! The September Tradition.....

Fresh air, fun treats and fabulous family time! Today we went to the Fair. It was the perfect weather- not too hot, bright but no hot sun beating down on us. I figure the sun didn't come out because I remembered to pack my sunblock this morning and Murphy's law would have it that we didn't need it! The kids had a blast. It's been a family tradition since O and I were engaged... so it was cool to see how much everyone has changed as we took pictures in front the 1st place Pumpkin. We enjoyed the Gentlemen Jugglers ( Oscar's favorite) and then dared to try the "fried cookies and chocolate covered bacon" YUM!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Purposeful Gatherings Recipe Swap Potluck

We had a great afternoon with the ladies today. Bev was so sweet to host our latest event and we got to enjoy the great company and fabulous view of the sound. Everyone RSVP'd with the recipe and Kelly printed them up on amazing personalized recipe cards and then everyone brought their dish to share. OH MY!! What a treat. The food was spectacular. After our tummies were full, we circled up and we went around the circle and had everyone share a little bit about themselves and small business owners were able to share what they do and we were able to share our passions out loud. It was a great time. I am so thankful for so many wonderful women in my life. I am blessed. PS there were many ( I think 9 all together) newborn little ones who got to partake in the goodies as well.